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Welcome to Doggie U!

Doggie U celebrates the unique bond we have with our dogs and combines that with the bond many of us have for our alma mater.

Doggie U will donate 30% of your purchase price - for each and every purchase - to a variety
of deserving animal shelters.

For the month of December 2012, 30% of each sale will go to the Humane Society of Missouri

It's that simple.

We believe in the power of good ideas, good people, and a good dog!

We invite you to join us and remember; A Wag is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

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We appreciate businesses that are well run, but do a little more. The "little more" can take many forms. Some contribute to the community. Some promote environmental awareness. Some sponsor a favorite charity. All, in some way, try to add to the common good.

Please visit these companies that we admire.